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Hydrological Modelling of Slope Stability

Abstract:  Extreme rainfall events are the major driver of landslide occurrences in mountainous and steep terrain regions around the world. Subsurface hydrology has a dominant role on the initiation of rainfall-induced landslides, since changes in the soil water content affect significantly the soil shear strength. Rainfall infiltration produces an increase of soil water potential, which is followed by a rapid drop in apparent cohesion.

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Hydrological Modelling of Shallow Landslides

An introductory presentation for my PhD research covering the hydrological modelling of shallow landslides, subsurface hydrology, unsaturated soil mechanics, Ground Penetration Radars and some experimental data from a field campaign that I conducted.

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Hydrological modeling of slope stability

Abstract: Landslides of any type, and particularly soil slips, pose a great threat in mountainous and steep terrain environments. One of the major triggering mechanisms for slope failures in shallow soils is the build-up of soil pore water pressure resulting in a decrease of effective stress. However, infiltration may have other effects both before and after slope failure. Read more

Geophysical imaging of shallow subsurface topography and its implication for shallow landslide susceptibility in the Urseren Valley, Switzerland

Abstract: Landslides and soil erosion are an ever present threat to water management, building construction, vegetation formation and biodiversity in the Swiss Alps. Improved understanding of the mechanics and causative factors of soil erosion is a key factor in mitigation of damage to Alpine natural resources. Read more