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The role of subsurface topography and its implications on the water regime in the Urseren Valley, Switzerland

Abstract: To improve the understanding and the modelling of soil water regimes in alpine areas it is essential to know not only the number and the properties of the soil layers, but also their spatial distribution. One common assumption used in many simulations in the literature is that that the soil layers and the bedrock are parallel to the surface, which sometimes diverges significantly from the reality. Read more

Geophysical imaging of shallow subsurface topography and its implication for shallow landslide susceptibility in the Urseren Valley, Switzerland

Abstract: Landslides and soil erosion are an ever present threat to water management, building construction, vegetation formation and biodiversity in the Swiss Alps. Improved understanding of the mechanics and causative factors of soil erosion is a key factor in mitigation of damage to Alpine natural resources. Read more